Appointment: To choose or select.  Example = To appoint a guardian.

Certified:  A true or official copy.  Example = Certified copy of a
document has a special stamp.

Exhibit:  Extra things you give to the Judge.  Example = documents, letters, tapes, videos that you want the Judge to see.

Guardian:  An adult who takes care of someone else.

Limited Authority:  Less power.  Example = A Guardian with limited authority only cares for the child for some things, like only for school.

Minor: A child or someone under 18 years old.

Petition: To ask permission.  Example = To petition the court means that you are asking the court if you can do something.

Petitioner:  Someone who is asking for permission to do something.  Example = A petioner ask the court if they can be a Guardian.

Pro Se:  By yourself.  Example = In court, you are pro se if you don't have a lawyer and you are helping yourself.

Terminated:  To end or finish.  Example = If a parent terminates their parental rights, they don't want to care for their child anymore.

Unlimited Authority:  All power.  Example = If a Guardian has unlimited authority they have full care of the child.  They are in charge of school, health, housing, and money.